What is water tank waterproofing:-

water tanks are very important part of our daily use in houses, industries, constructions for drinking and many other purposes according to requirements. Water tank waterproofing  increases the life of water tank ,RCC wall and base for long lasting.whenever we add water to the water tank hydro-static pressure is generated inside the tank due to which the pressure is generated on the walls and surface of tanks, due to which water flows out of the water tank.

Our waterproofing sticks to the surface of water tank and due to which there is no provision for water to get it out.

water tanks are sensitive areas for water leakage as huge amount of water is stored in water tanks so there is highly chances that water may come through the common or construction joints between walls.

Due to contraction and expansion in the concrete the cracks , honeycomb and weak construction joint developed and cause water leakage.

Effects of water tank leakage:-

1) Underground water tanks would dampen the foundation of the house.

2) Sometimes the tiles of ground floor leave there gripping and grouting.

3) The structure is weak when the amount of leakage is high.

4) Smell caused by leakage create difficulty in breathing also.

5) Overhead water tank leakage leads to roof leakage.

What are the types of watertank waterproofing:-

1) Underground water tanks .

2) Overhead concrete water tank .

Structurefx waterproofing company provide best service for weak/,old/,new watertank waterproofing.

structurefx waterproofing solution provide best and effective solution for watertank waterproofing

Our waterproofing company uses high level waterproofing methods.

Repairing old and new water tanks would be a very difficult situation

we handle these types of  problems easily and effectively

It provide protection to the water tank and concrete structure.

we use food grade chemicals because of which the water in the water tank is  portable which is safe for drinking. Our professional and experienced waterproofing team has completed the water tank projects with great potential and enthusiasm.